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Details about the REC

HISTORY OF THE REC : The Rural Education Center (REC) was established in 1987. The idea of the REC came out of a Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) Small Schools Committee. The need for a research-based service organization had been discussed for many years. As a public research university committed to its land-grant heritage and tradition of service to society, the College of Education at Washington State University decided to partner with a group of small school districts to help advance the needs of small and rural districts in our state. The original concept was then further developed by Dr. Brian Talbott, who at the time was Superintendent of ESD 101, and Dr. Ray Smith, the inagural director, with advice and encouragement from WASA’s Small Schools Committee. 

Originally the major task for the REC was the development of a database addressing a variety of subjects. It consisted of financial reports, staffing and program information. The first years were spent compiling and sharing studies on subjects of interest to small schools including, Cooperation vs. Consolidation, In-Service needs, Small School funding formula, Student Course selection, Drop-out rates of Small Schools, and others. As the Directorship has changed so has the focus of the Center. 

To date REC has become an increasingly important voice at the State level for small and rural schools. State associations and legislative bodies hold REC in high regard when asked for information on issues affecting small and rural schools across Washington. 

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